Does IV Therapy Work to Boost an Immune System to Help with the Flu in Woodway, TX?

IV vitamin therapy is ideal to help treat illnesses, but many wonder if it can contribute to preventing them. Typically, it is most often considered a method for recovery, not prevention. However, if before you got sick you give yourself extra vitamin C, hydration, and B12 – it can make a difference. In addition to improving hydration levels and vitamin resources, receiving regular IV vitamin therapy will supercharge the immune system. Today, we at IV Vitamin Therapy would like to discuss how IV vitamin can help prevent the flu.

Why is an IV More Effective than Drinking Water or Swallowing Vitamins?

Created to support the immune system and help the body help itself, IV treatments are full of electrolytes, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that the body needs to function at its best. This time of year especially, our bodies could definitely use the extra boost of support. Because the vitamins and nutrients in the IV bag are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, IVs are more effective than oral meditation. Creating a wave of good feelings immediately, this allows the body to experience relief quickly. Your body will absorb all of the nutrients in your IV treatment, strengthening the immune system immediately when it comes to preventative care, the same is true. Unfortunately, much of the nutrients consumed in oral vitamins are lost in the digestive tract. The following is recommended to boost the immune system.

What is the Best IV Drip to Help with the Flu?

Various treatments have specific cocktails, but one to replenish the body generally consists of saline, electrolytes, and reduces acidity in the body. This a fantastic preventative measure to avoiding the flu and staying hydrated if want to avoid dehydration and inflammation.
Depending on a person’s illness, specific add-ons for treatments may be recommended. For example, a vitamin C add-on is often suggested. To help in the recovery from infection, Vitamin C boosts the immune system. To protect against a wide range of diseases including the flu and common cold. Another powerhouse add-on that will support a healthy immune system is zinc. In order to help recovery from sickness, facilitate healing, and supports a healthy immune system and metabolism function, zinc is an essential enzyme.

Does IV Boost Immune System?

The most powerful way you can combat the cold or flu is to keep your immune system up. When it comes to fighting off illness and staying as healthy as possible, there are IV vitamin therapy solutions that can be highly effective for boosting the immune system. To support a healthy immune system, Vitamin C for optimum immune system support. Also, powerful enzyme that increases metabolic function and strengthens the immune system is zinc. For mood and energy support, memory, and metabolism B12 & B Complex are included. Muscle relaxation, pain, asthma, muscle spasms, treats migraines, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, constipation and high blood pressure can be treated with magnesium.

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Whether you are looking to avoid flu or cold, or want to treat a current flu or cold in Waco, TX and surrounding areas, come to IV Vitamin Therapy and let us provide an IV boost to help!

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