Does IV Therapy Work for Athletes in Hewitt, TX? Should You Get it Before or After Workout?

If you’re an athlete, you are more than likely constantly looking for ways to improve your efficiency and performance. Part of this comes from ensuring you are as hydrated as possible. While this might sound easy, it isn’t always cut and dry. Athletes look a significant amount of fluid during any given workout, and putting that fluid back in the body that you need to be at the top of your game sometimes takes more than simply drinking. This is where IV fluids can come into play. IV Vitamin Therapy is here to talk about how IV therapy can help athletes improve their performance.

How Does IV Fluid Therapy Work?

When most people think about IV therapy, they will instantly think about the last time they had an IV in a hospital. IV therapy works a lot the same as saline is administered directly into the bloodstream to help with hydration. However, IV therapy isn’t only saline. There are usually vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes that are also delivered to help athletes with their recovery as well as their performance. IV therapy for athletes is formulated specifically with their needs in mind.

What Does an IV Do for Athletes?

When you are constantly pushing our body to its limits during physical activity, it can take a toll. The average person can stay on top of their hydration by drinking more water. That isn’t the case for athletes. There are many reasons why athletes might want to consider IV therapy for performance improvement.
– Hydration: the number one reasons that athletes turn to IV therapy is to make sure they have the hydration they need to perform their best. Any high intensity training is going to require perfection as far as hydration goes. While drinking water is necessary, it is even more helpful to have hydration put directly into your bloodstream.
– Reduced Cramping: Muscle cramping is something that all athletes are all too familiar with. This can make working out much less enjoyable. Studies have shown that when you rehydrate using IV saline, it drastically reduces, if not eliminates, the muscle cramps that athletes deal with. There are many pro athletes that fully utilize this to help during and after working out.
– Helps Recovery: When recovering from a tough workout is painful, it is usually because there is inflammation in your body. Reducing inflammation is the key to a good recovery. IV therapy that includes glutathione and other antioxidants has been proven to help athletes recover from a grueling workout.

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If you are trying to take your athletic performance to the next level in a safe way, IV therapy is a great way to do it. At IV Vitamin Therapy, we offer the Superman for athletic performance, strength and endurance to help you do just that. Our trained nurses will be sure that the IV therapy is done both properly and safely. Call us today!

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