IV Vitamins are More Effective than Oral for Complete Nutrition in Beverly Hills, TX; How Much is Absorbed & More

More than 50% of adults over the age of 20 report taking a daily vitamin or dietary supplement at least once per month, according to the CDC. Oral daily vitamins and supplements are taken by the vast majority of these people. Many people wonder why you would want to consider something different, such as IV vitamin infusion therapy if it works effectively for millions of people. While oral vitamins are popular, the truth is that they do not pack the same punch as IV vitamin therapy does. Today, we at IV Vitamin Therapy would like to discuss IV Vitamin therapy VS oral vitamin routines. Ultimately, what it comes down to is absorption.

How Much of Oral Vitamins are Actually Absorbed?

Your gut health plays a role with oral vitamin intake. Your body is not able to immediately absorb that nutrient when you take an oral vitamin, whether a vitamin C boost, a multivitamin, or an omega-3 fish oil. Before the supplement makes it to your bloodstream, your body goes through a complicated digestion and absorption process instead. In addition to a long list of specialized “transporters” such as SMVT, Thiamine Transporters, and RFVT-1, this involves your stomach, gut, and gut lining. This system can break down when facing health issues or even stress unfortunately. As a result, your body is less able to properly and fully absorb them when you most need the extra vitamins and nutrients.

How Does an IV Vitamin Treatment Work?

IV vitamin therapy, is the better alternative to oral vitamins and supplements. It is ideal especially for those with for vitamin deficiencies. Your vitamin supplements are allowed to be delivered directly to the bloodstream through this simple process. Additionally, for patients suffering gastrointestinal issues or even those receiving cancer treatments, IV therapy is often recommended. For overall health but also for treating and recovering from disease, getting enough vital nutrients into the body is critical. IV therapy ensures the vitamins are fully utilized by the body rather than risking poor absorption through oral vitamins. IV therapy ensures the vitamins are fully utilized by the body, rather than risking poor absorption through oral vitamins. Other conditions that can be improved or treated with IV vitamin therapy includes:
– Weight Gain
– Overall Vitamin Deficiencies
– Fatigue in General
– Frequent Infections
– Dry skin or Brittle nails and Hair
– And More
The immediate impact it can make on your life and health is the best part of IV therapy. You will not have to wait for weeks or months to see the full effect, which is often the case when starting an oral vitamin since a full dose of vitamins is introduced to the bloodstream.

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