Is NAD+ Good for Weight Loss in Moody, TX? Is it Healthy to Supplement Levels By Taking Infusions?

Do you have low energy and sometimes feel like your brain is in a fog? Those who are now feeling this way, know that you may need NAD+. NAD+, which stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is an IV injection that can help you improve your everyday life. If you do not like feeling foggy, tired and lacking in ambition and focus, IV Vitamin Therapy would like to share more about NAD+. We will tell you what is it and how it can improve your day to day life.

What is NAD+ Do?

NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule and is found in living cells. NAD+ is a molecule that helps our physiological bodily process to function correctly. NAD+ is also important to the generation of our body’s cells which is also known as Mitochondria. NAD+ helps to convert food into energy and maintain the human body’s DNA integrity. NAD+ helps to protect the body from disease and against aging. Needless to say, NAD+ is hard at work and it is a very important molecule in our bodies.

Are NAD Supplements Good?

If NAD+ is a natural molecule that our body already has, why would we need to have NAD+ supplements? NAD+ levels are very high in children, yet over time our body’s NAD+ will begin to deplete. As we lose our natural NAD+, we age, Not only do we age it is also harder to covert food into energy, our minds become sluggish and not as clear. Once we reach a certain age you can combat aging by giving your body more NAD+. With an NAD+ IV injection, you can give your body the extra NAD+ it needs to give you more clarity of mind, more energy, and even help you lose weight. It is even used as a pain management aid. However, with NAD+ the primary affect is providing more energy and improving cognitive functions.

Why NAD+ Infusions are Worth It

To fully get the benefit of an NAD+ supplement, it is often recommended that you get an NAD+ IV injection once a month. There are many benefits when having monthly NAD+ IV injections. One of the first benefits is improved cognitive function. Improved cognitive function helps with clarity of mind. However, some research has suggested that NAD+ may even improve loss of memory. Along with cognitive improvements, NAD+ can also provide an energy boost and aid in weight loss. You will gain both energy and weight management as the NAD+ helps you better process your food. You will be able to get more energy from the food you eat and need to eat less to feel energetic. Lastly, NAD+ can help reduce inflammation throughout the body which causes pain.

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For those who are looking for a better quality of life, you need to try NAD+ IV therapy. You will have a better clarity of mind and more energy to help you reach your daily goals. If you are wondering how to begin NAD+ IV therapy, simply contact IV Vitamin Therapy and make an appointment for your NAD+ IV therapy or other IV therapy treatments today!

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