What is the Role of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) in the Body in Moody, TX?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a vital coenzyme or compound found in every cell of your body. A coenzyme is a non-protein compound necessary for the functioning of your enzymes. NAD is essential to many of our natural biological processes that helps us every single day. Today, IV Vitamin Therapy would like to share the role of NAD and why it is so important.

Energy & Metabolism

NAD plays a key role in our metabolism, which is the process of converting food into energy. The coenzyme compound is involved in the redox reactions. The redox reaction carries electrons from one reaction to another. The coenzyme is found in two forms in cells. The first is NAD+, an oxidizing agent. It accepts electrons from other molecules and becomes reduced, forming NADH. The second is the NADH that then can be used as a reducing agent to donate electrons. These electron transfer reactions are the main function of NAD which is basically the metabolic process of breaking down and consuming food for energy.

DNA Repair

NAD+ is consumed during the transfer reactions process which are important for responses to DNA damage. A family of enzymes known as PARPs, or Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases, is responsible for repairing DNA and these enzymes use NAD+.

Cell Signaling

Beyond its role in energy metabolism and DNA repair, NAD+ has also been discovered to signal our body’s molecules. It acts as a type of operator for a range of different enzymes such as the sirtuins, which are associated with aging and longevity. Basically, with a healthy amount of NAD you will live a longer and healthier life.

Oxidative Stress

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), is a type of free radical. ROS are created naturally because of our body’s metabolism. Over time, ROS can accumulate and cause damage to DNA, proteins, and cell membranes which is referred to as oxidative stress. NAD helps to reduce and better manage oxidative stress in our cells.

Cellular Aging

Recent research has suggested that NAD+ levels tend to decrease with age, leading to a wide range of age-related conditions. You can help reduce cellular aging by maintaining your NAD+ levels with supplements often through IV therapy.

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NAD+ plays a major role in helping maintain a healthy body and giving us the energy to tackle the challenge of the day. When you feel sluggish and have poor focus you may not have enough NAD. You can seek a NAD supplement that can help your body get rid of those free radicals and begin repairing your damaged DNA. NAD is given in a CoQ10 injection along with a Glutathione Push which also helps reduce Oxidative stress. With NAD+ therapy you can have a better quality and longer life. If you are not sure if you need NAD+ therapy or where to go, IV Vitamin Therapy can help you! We provide a wide range of IV therapies including NAD+. You can consult with our medical professionals and see if NAD+ is right for you. To schedule your consultation or appointment, contact IV Vitamin Therapy today.

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