What Does a Myers Cocktail Do for You & How Does it Make You Feel in Beverly Hills, TX?

IV vitamin therapy is a great way to hydrate and give your body all of the essential vitamins it needs and in a single setting. There are many different types of IV drips that you can get. Each type has certain vitamins and minerals in them to help your body in very specific ways. However, all IV drips have a base formula which is known as the Myers Cocktail. IV Vitamin Therapy would like to break down what is in a Myers cocktail and what it can do for your body.

What is In a Myers Cocktail?

The Myers cocktail was first developed by Dr. John Myers and was administered in a 10 ml IV. The Myers cocktail is comprised of essential vitamins and nutrients which will improve the health of a patient. Some of the primary ingredients of a Myers cocktail and what they do are:
Calcium – Calcium improves the bone’s health and also prevents premenstrual depression as well as cardiovascular disease. Calcium also helps to maintain the body’s weight.
Magnesium – Magnesium also supports the bone’s health and helps prevent osteoporosis. Magnesium also helps to prevent heart disease and aid in women’s health. Magnesium also helps the absorption of a number of vitamins and calcium.
Vitamin C – Vitamin C boosts the body’s immune system and helps prevent eye disease and cardiovascular disease. People will often deplete their vitamin C levels and so they will often need additional supplement.
Vitamin B – Vitamin B helps the body in a few different ways. Vitamin B helps in the development of healthy skin, aids the digestive system, and produces energy. Vitamin B also maintains eye and the nervous system’s health.
Vitamin B Complex – A vitamin B complex is a combination of vitamin B5, B12 and B6. A vitamin B complex helps the body in many ways. Some of the primary benefits of a vitamin B complex are better cell health, produces red blood cells, provides more energy, eye health, brain function, and so much more! With a Vitamin B complex you often feel instantly better.

How Does a Myers Cocktail Help You?

A Myers cocktail contains a wide variety of vitamin and nutrients that help the body. The benefit of a Myers cocktail that is given through an IV or intravenously, gives your body all of the vitamins and nutrients at once. An IV injects the Myers cocktail directly into your bloodstream. This mean you get 100% of the vitamins. When taking oral vitamins or even when drinking or eating food rich in nutrient and vitamins, the body will not absorb all of the nutrients. Much of the vitamins and nutrients you consume are lost during the digestive process. For those who need a major boost, the best way to get everything your body needs is through an IV. IV therapy can help get people get a boost of the vitamins and nutrients they need and helps your body recover in different situations.

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