Is it Good to Get an IV Before a Flight in Axtell, TX? Treatment to Help Altitude Sickness & More

IV therapy for travelers is perfect, especially for those that suffer from altitude sickness or need a mid-vacation boost. Whether your fun vacation has taken a toll on your body and energy levels, or the altitude sickness is making an impact, IV therapy can significantly help you. Today, we at IV Vitamin Therapy would like to elaborate on why IV vitamin therapy is great for travelers, especially holiday travelers.

Travel IV Therapy Near Me

Our bodies can take a hit when we are out and about enjoying our vacations. Our usual routines are taken out of equation and as a result, there is a difference in heavier meals and deserts, drinking, physical activities, missing workouts, and not drinking enough water can take a serious toll. There is often a difference in altitude and the climate as well. To help you combat fatigue and help your guests maximize their trip, IV vitamin therapy is helpful. You will get a much-needed dose of hydration, vitamins, minerals, and oxygen.

IV Can Help Altitude Sickness

Because of the altitude, many people cannot enjoy their vacations. Any individual who walks, hikes, or climbs over 10,000 feet should only go up an additional 1,000 feet per day thereafter, according to research. Rest at least a day at that height for every 3,000 feet you climb. Make sure you come back down to a lower altitude to sleep if you have to climb over 1,000 feet in a day – basically climb high and sleep low.

When Would a Patient Need an IV?

Right after a day at altitude, the most ideal timeframe for an IV boost, but it is all personal preference. Usually during the middle of a vacation right as fatigue begins to set in, depending how long their trip, the day after is the perfect time for fending off a day of travel and potential altitude sickness. This is a great pairing with the initial check in process, or great to add to a relaxing morning. Some people pick one day, and others receive multiple treatments throughout their trip, and decide to schedule treatment the morning after a later night, or before an outdoor activity such as hiking and golfing. In order to get back into the office the next day, so people get treatment when they are leaving town or once they return.

IV Treatment is Good for All Travelers

IV vitamin treatment is not just good for those traveling on vacation. When you travel for business or other purposes, getting an IV treatment before you go and after you return can also help with the negative impacts traveling can have on the body.

Hangover Jet Lag IV Vitamin Therapy & More in Waco, TX (Just Minutes Away from Axtell, West, Lorena, Bellmead, Woodway, Hewitt, Robinson & Crawford, Texas)

IV vitamin treatment specifically to meet each client’s unique situation and needs. Altitude sickness can be alleviated and immune system can be enhanced with IV vitamin treatment. IV vitamin treatment is also known to provide energy boosts, anti-aging, neuro-regeneration, pain management, detoxification, athletic recovery and performance. For your IV vitamin treatments schedule with IV Vitamin Therapy of Waco and let us help you!

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