How Do You Cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in West, TX? Can IV Therapy Help & More

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis? Chronic fatigue syndrome is described as a long-term condition that affects millions of people. Chronic fatigue syndrome is when multiple body systems that cause debilitating symptoms interfere with your body’s ability to carry out your daily activities. As Chronic fatigue syndrome doesn’t have any known cures, often there are a few ways that can help overcome this common illness. It is often recommended that you combat chronic fatigue syndrome by changing your diet, exercise, and trying to get enough sleep. However, when that is not enough, you may want to try IV therapy! IV Vitamin Therapy will share how IV therapy can help people combat and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome.

What Chronic Fatigue Feels Like

To better understand how IV therapy can help you combat chronic fatigue syndrome, is to better understand what Chronic fatigue syndrome is and how it affects people every day. In the United States, about ¾ of the U.S. workforce reports feeling tired and fatigued at the start of their day. Not everyone that feels tired will have chronic fatigue syndrome but simply overwork themselves. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome will feel tired the moment they wake up and until they go to bed. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome can suffer for months or even years. As each person can vary as to why they are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, some of the common causes for chronic fatigue syndrome or triggers are:
• Stress and Hormone Imbalance
• Autoimmune Disorders or Immune System Conditions
• Viral Infections (that causes flu symptoms)
• Genetics
• Energy Cell Production Problems
Research of chronic fatigue syndrome is still ongoing. However, researchers theorize that chronic fatigue syndrome is due to one or more of these triggers.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Most people that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are usually middle aged females. Besides feeling tired all the time, chronic fatigue syndrome will have a number of different accompanying symptoms. Those who have chronic fatigue syndrome may also have sensitivity to light, dizziness, and light-headedness. Other people that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome also report having mood disorders, depression, bad sleep, muscle or joint pain and even sore throat and digestive problems.

Can IV Therapy Help with Chronic Fatigue?

As there are no known cures for chronic fatigue syndrome, IV therapy can help you boost energy and even address other underlining health problems. IV therapy gives the body a huge boost of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to promote better health. IV therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain in your joints and muscles. IV therapy and the nutrients your body receives go directly into the bloodstream ensuring you get all of the nutrients. Once the body receives all of the nutrients and re-hydrates the body, it will help the body feel renewed. Your entire body will have the resources it needs to function properly. This helps you feel more rested and you have more energy.

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If you find you are just so tired all the time and feel you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, perhaps it is time you try IV therapy. For our special IV formula to promote more energy and wellness, contact IV Vitamin Therapy and make an appointment today.

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