Are NAD Infusions Worth it in Waco, TX? How Do You Feel After NAD IV Therapy & How Long Do the Effects Last?

At IV Vitamin Therapy we understand that life can certainly take its toll. We also know first hand that NAD IV Therapy can provide numerous health benefits from providing your brain with the energy it needs to get you to help your brain process information so you can perform your best at work. In fact, we like to think our Reboot | NAD+ IV Therapy is akin to hitting a button to reboot your energy, focus, metabolism, enthusiasm and ambition, as well as rid your brain of addictions! Our clients report that following NAD IV therapy, they feel more energized, can concentrate better, have an improved mood, and some even say that they can lose weight more easily! IV Vitamin Therapy would like to explore NAD IV therapy further below.

Does NAD Help the Brain?

Your health needs to be approached from a comprehensive perspective, and this means also taking care of your brain. While your body needs its physical building blocks to maintain essential functions, you also need to consider your emotional and mental health as well. One of the ways to improve the overall health of your brain is via NAD IV therapy. NAD is an abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This is a coenzyme, meaning this molecule is used to power the body’s enzymatic functions throughout its tissues and organs. Primarily, NAD is found in mitochondria, which are known as the powerhouses of the body’s cells. Over time, your levels of NAD may start to drop which leaves your cells starving for energy. While this is something that happens naturally with age, it can also lead to negative neurological impacts, leaving your brain looking for other sources of energy. When your body is starved for energy, you notice symptoms in the parts of your body that consume the most energy first. As the brain requires more energy than any other organ in your body, it makes sense that you notice the symptoms in your nervous system first.

What Happens when Your Brain is Starved for Energy?

There are a few symptoms you will likely notice when your brain is starved for energy including:
Mental Cloudiness & Brain Fog: You may notice you are having a hard time processing information and it will likely take you longer to think through simple tasks.
Poor Work Performance: You may also realize your work performance is suffering. Maybe you feel tired during the day or perhaps your superiors are upset because it is taking you longer to complete tasks.
Interpersonal Relationship Struggle: The health of your brain impacts your personal relationships too. Your family members may feel like you are tired, groggy or irritable and perhaps you are not spending time with your friends as much.
These are just three of the ways that poor brain health can manifest. The good news is that NAD IV Therapy can address a lot of these problems.

How Does NAD+ IV Therapy Work?

NAD IV therapy can go a long way toward helping your brain health. As mentioned above, as your body ages, your supply of NAD starts to drop. Research studies have shown that boosting your supply of NAD can improve your overall health. While there are different ways to replace your stores of NAD, one of the most efficient methods is through NAD IV therapy where it goes directly into your bloodstream where it can next flow to your organs and tissues, including the brain. This allows you to feel the effects more quickly and ensures that 100 percent of the NAD that is delivered to you makes it to its final destination. Your first IV therapy of NAD+ gives you results that last 4-14 days, depending on your condition and health goals, and with regular NAD IV therapy infusions, you can achieve long-lasting results that include improved overall brain health.

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